Fire Damaged Siding? Cedar Vinyl Siding Is the Solution

Some say that fire is a silent killer. This element had indeed already taken so many lives and damaged homes terribly, from the inside to the exteriors of our home. Likewise, an article from reported an incident that rapidly toasted and damaged an entire house in Portland CT: (more…)

Tired of Reworking Your House’ Exterior Finish? Siding Installation Might Be The Solution

Reworking your exterior finishes this summer can turn your house’s entire appearance even more appealing. If you happen to decide to make improvements, now is the perfect time as the recent weather forecast on highlighted fine sunny weather in CT: (more…)

How to have a home that is very you: creativity is the key

After a long day’s work, you seek relaxation to your home. However, it is not just your comfort zone. It is also a space wherein you can freely flaunt your character through its style. Thus, when it comes to remodeling, you can make your house reflect your personality. (more…)

Be the talk of the neighborhood because of your roofing

Many are not aware of the key to success in the field of home selling. What many don’t realize is that renovating a property is always a big advantage because it creates a first and lasting impression to potential buyers. Website shared a story of a couple who wanted to sell their house at Bethel, Connecticut. Before putting it on the market for sale, they decided to do some renovation work. (more…)

Keep Electricity Bills low with Energy-efficient Roofing

Like any hardworking American, you would want to make the most of your hard-earned cash, right? Paying excessive amounts for cooling bills isn’t just going to cut it, especially in today’s economic status and global warming. Beating the heat would not be a problem for your finances with the appropriate home improvements. (more…)

A well maintained roof deter mosquitoes during summer

Beating the heat isn’t the only thing we have to be concerned about during summer. We also have to worry about insect activity. Pests like mosquitoes can be a real hazard this season. According to this report from The Courant: (more…)

Raise The Value Of Your Home Through A Brand New Roof

The safety of a neighborhood is one of the factors that homebuyers are considering when it comes to residential property. In New York, as one of the prime district in the world, is also one of the safest states in the US. According to this article from White Plains DailyVoice: (more…)

The Time To Act Is Now, Get Your Roof Repaired

Another round of heavy rain struck New Haven County this weekend, leaving streets flooded and people stranded. This kind of weather is getting more frequent and intense around the area. More on that in this report from NBC Connecticut: (more…)

For sellers and realtors: The right improvements will help you sell

Finding a home is an endeavor. There are various factors to consider in choosing the right house. Westchester offers contemporary homes for sale that have everything you are searching for. As a buyer, when you’re doing your inspection, make sure everything is in place, especially the roof. You do not want to buy a house with a faulty one because it will cost you more in replacement. (more…)

Opt for a Sustainable Cladding, Choose Only Vinyl Siding

Connecticut is one of the top 10 states for energy efficiency based on the scorecard released by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. The state government is seeking to place higher in the rankings, so there is currently a drive to lower consumption: (more…)