Vinylume’s Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

It’s much easier being green when we realize the impact every little thing we do has on the world around us. With your home at the center of all things important in your life, you’ll want quality products and quality installation. The challenge then is to find that perfect balance between a product that’s great yet helps to minimize the effect its use has on the world. At Vinylume Home Improvement, we have a commitment to prioritize this love for the environment. (more…)

4 Vinyl Siding Myths Debunked by Vinylume Home Improvement

For many years, vinyl siding has been the siding material of choice for scores of homeowners all over the country. More people would have been using vinyl siding if it weren’t for some misconceptions and myths that have been going around for years. (more…)

4 Things to Look for In A Roofing Warranty

Replacing your roof this season? If so, have you ever thought about the warranties that the manufacturers and the roofing contractors in Stamford, CT can provide? (more…)

Taking Advantage of Vinylume’s Roofing Inspection Program

Vinylume Home Improvement is one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Westchester and Fairfield counties. We have been providing outstanding roofing services like replacement, maintenance, and inspection since 1951. With Vinylume, you can be sure you’re getting the best services your home deserves. (more…)

5 Factors to Consider when Upgrading Your Home

Remodeling doesn’t only aim for a nice-looking exterior. Style is not the only thing that matters in home improvement. Your windows, roofing, and siding can make your home stand out in your neighborhood. However, are they doing a good job of protecting your home? (more…)

5 Hassle-Free Roof Replacement Tips from Vinylume

Do you want a new look for your home? Are you planning to give your roofing an upgrade? Plan your home improvement project today to add comfort and convenience to your home. You can also enhance your property’s curb appeal and value when you get replacement roofing in White Plains, NY. (more…)

Top 4 Reasons to Leave It to the Pros

Who wants inconvenience in their lives? No one does. And as daunting as the thought of roof work may be to the average homeowner, there is a much easier way to go about it that will be of the utmost convenience for you: leave it to the professionals. We can give you four really good reasons why hiring Vinylume Home Improvement is the best way you can possibly go: (more…)

Water Damage and the Importance of Roofing & Siding

Of all the things that can happen to a home, water damage is by far the sneakiest of all the potential problems that you can encounter. The most common entry points of which are your roof and your siding. And the reason water damage can be sneaky is because the more noticeable signs usually indicate very advanced damage. We break down the differences between water damage to your roof and siding in Connecticut. (more…)

How Your Roof Can Contribute to Home Cooling

The warm temperature these days is a pleasant change from the harsh conditions of the previous season. However, keeping your interiors cool when it’s hot outdoors can prove to be a big challenge.

Many homeowners’ go-to measure for countering the heat is overworking their air-conditioning systems. While this does cool your home, you might be left with a bigger headache: ballooning electricity bills. (more…)

3 Tips to Get the Roof Replacement You Always Wanted

Don’t you wish all your home improvement projects worked out the way you planned them? It’s a source of frustration among many homeowners. And it’s totally understandable.

When working with roof replacement in particular, there really is no room for guesswork or mishap. Even the smallest details can influence the outcome of the project. The next time you plan a replacement, try taking into account the following factors to get the roofing you always wanted: (more…)