Four Reasons to Hire a Professional and Trained Roofer

For many homeowners, fixing common roofing issues such as leaks and punctures may seem simple. DIY enthusiasts would be more than willing to get up on their roofs and repair the problems themselves. Home improvement specialists, however, don’t recommend DIY jobs on your roofs, as you may make matters worse. A leaky roof, for instance, may indicate issues that require more than just patching up holes. (more…)

Three Ways to Prepare a House for Sale

Whether you’re letting go of relationships or things, leaving isn’t always as simple as saying goodbye. When it comes to properties, however, you can make the experience more exciting and fulfilling by giving your home a final makeover and preparing it for its new owners. (more…)

The 5 R’s of Increasing Your Home’s Market Value

Increasing a property’s market value doesn’t always mean costly home renovations. Simple things you do around the house can improve its resale value and make it more appealing to realtors and buyers. (more…)

Vinylume: Supporting Green Homes and Sustainability

Environmentally friendly and sustainable properties are now becoming popular in the United States. At Vinylume, we share your concern and care for the environment. To help you with your home improvement projects without producing too many wastes, we have teamed up with manufacturers that offer “green products.” (more…)

Certified to Serve You Best: Vinylume Holds 3 Esteemed Titles

Sixty years of solid experience and outstanding service delivering quality and professional installation of asphalt roofing, replacement windows, and vinyl siding in Connecticut; Vinylume Home Improvement is proud of this achievement. And what even more inspiring is the slew of awards and recognitions that continue to come our way. (more…)

Everything You Need on Home Improvement All Under 1 Roof

Visiting your family restaurant in Fairfield CT, each one of you ordered your favorite dish. Whether it is beef, chicken, or seafood, there’s a sumptuous cuisine for each member of your family. Relishing the appetizer, savoring the hot flavorful soup, and enjoying the main dish – it always is a happy dining experience for everyone. And what is it that everyone that looks forward to afterwards? The mouthwatering desserts… (more…)

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Vinyl for Your Siding

I think we can all agree that choosing the right siding for our homes is not an easy decision to make. Simply because of the fact that this part of the house has the biggest impact on the overall aesthetics. In a place like Connecticut where it ranked as one of the areas with high foreclosures, this kind of bad news is unacceptable to happen to your asset. (more…)

Enhance Your Home’s Overall Charm Through A New Roof

After a gruelling and cold winter months, springs and summers in Connecticut usually mean cleaning and redecorations at home.  While some opt for subtle touches by adding new furniture or decor, most usually choose to go for a totally new look through living room or kitchen renovations. You can also choose to repaint your walls for different ambience in the interiors of your home. (more…)

Upgrading Your Roof to Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Spring and summer is known as the home buying season across the US. This is actually the most sensible time of the year because most prospectors would want to purchase before they go on vacations. Also, most sellers prefer to put their house on sale during warmer seasons to showcase their lawns and gardens. (more…)

Fire Resistant Roofing: Saving Lives and Properties

House fires may blow up from anywhere in the house – may it be from the outside or from the interiors. Some of the common causes include: faulty electrical wirings, appliance malfunction, candles, smoking etc. It could also be due to kitchen mishaps caused by equipment malfunction or human negligence: (more…)