Making Homes Burglar-proof with Reinforced Doors and Windows

Home security and theft prevention has been the subject of concerns of Greenwich residents after two cases of burglary were reported recently. What’s more alarming is that the break-ins took place in broad daylight, which goes to show that some intruders have the audacity to commit crimes without any fear of being caught. The Greenwich police are already conducting investigations on the incidents. So far, the authorities only know the items stolen from each home:


Let the Light In: Replacing Your Windows to Maximize Natural Light

It takes time andmoney to improve your space,but the benefits it brings are worth it. Fairfield residents should know that one way of creating a better home environment is considering window replacement to let natural light into their living spaces because it plays an important role in setting the ambiance of their interior. Installing lighting fixtures helps, but natural light has a unique glow to it that is hard to replicate –it makes anyspace look brighter and more spacious.


The Top 3 Reasons to Get a ProVia Front Door

You’ve probably got a Welcome mat outside your front door, but is your front door itself not exactly a welcoming site?  Replacing your front door with a pretty new ProVia door is a great choice. ProVia doors don’t just look great; they are also energy efficient, durable and customizable.

  •  Lower Energy Bills
    ProVia builds their doors to the highest industry standards. They are much higher quality than the doors that you’ll find at your local home improvement store. Most ProVia entry doors meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® criteria. This stringent criteria was created by the U.S. EPA and Department of Energy to help consumers identify energy saving and environmentally friendly products. These doors can reduce your heating and cooling costs, improve interior comfort and increase the value of your home.
  • Durable
    ProVia’s professional class doors are made from top quality materials, starting with 20-gauge galvanized steel, that’s 49% more steel than a consumer-grade door. This exceptional durability is endorsed as “the door preferred by America’s top remodelers” and is backed by a lifetime limited transferable warranty.
  • Customizable
    State-of-the-art methods of customization make it possible for you to own a door that’s made to order for your home. Let a Vinylume representative take you through the ProVia Studio, a visualization program that allows you to choose the size, color, glass and hardware of your choice for an end result that will set your home apart for years to come.

 Your home will look great with a new ProVia door. And you’ll feel great knowing the most energy efficient and durable front door says, “Welcome” to family and friends who visit your home!

How Green Is Your Home?

We all want to be environmentally conscious and “going green” doesn’t just mean recycling. Maintaining an environmentally friendly focus during a home improvement project is as easy as choosing the right supplier and contractor. Vinylume is proud to offer Renewal by Andersen replacement windows that are high quality, energy efficient AND environmentally friendly. Studies show that the average home uses more energy and is responsible for more carbon emissions than the average car. But don’t let that thought ruin your day. Reducing your home’s carbon footprint with Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows is an easy way to increase your home’s energy efficiency while enhancing its value, beauty and comfort.  
Material World
The building materials used in home improvement products can emit toxins into the air we breathe. Renewal by Andersen is the only window company that has been awarded a Gold certification for its indoor emissions by the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) organization, which rates indoor air emission standards throughout the country. This ensures that your replacement windows are made with the safest materials available so you and your family are breathing toxin free, fresh air following your window replacement project.
Greening our Frames
Renewal by Andersen’s trademarked Fibrex frames are not only beautiful and strong, they are also made from 40% reclaimed wood fiber. This unbeatable recipe offers the strength and insulation properties of wood with the low maintenance durability of vinyl.
Greening our Glass
Our high performance trademarked low E-4 glass is made from a minimum of 12 % recycled glass treated with a top of the line coating. This reduces spotting and helps block harmful UV rays. Most importantly, the glass is 75% more energy efficient in summer and 45% more energy efficient in winter than standard double pane glass, saving you money on energy bills while keeping your house comfortable.
Greening our Attitude
Materials alone do not a green project make. The overall focus and attitude of the contractor and supplier have to be in place at every level.  Renewal by Andersen is committed to making every aspect of their business as environmentally focused as possible. To that end, all of our employees strive to make the best choices in the company’s use of natural resources. Vinylume is proud to offer Renewal by Andersen Windows that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and beautiful.
Contact Vinylume today to discuss replacement windows for your home!

A Great Siding Option-Fiber Cement

 It may be winter, but it’s always a good time to think about upgrading your home. New siding is a great way to add beauty and value to your house. There are many reasons to consider fiber cement siding for your home. Fiber cement siding is beautiful, strong and easy to maintain. 

Depending on your home’s style, the wood-like appearance of fiber cement siding can be very appealing to homeowners who want the look of wood without the high cost and maintenance. The components of fiber cement are cement, sand and cellulose fiber that are steam treated to resemble wood. The resulting grainy texture is stained or painted either before or soon after it is installed. This gives homeowners an unlimited choice of colors. Fiber cement comes in a wide range of widths which can conform to whatever style fits best with your taste and your home’s style.

The steam treating gives fiber cement siding its durability. It resists cracking, termites, water damage, rotting and withstands the harsh elements we endure here in the Connecticut and Westchester County, NY area.

Low Maintenance
Once the fiber cement is painted, the material is more resistant to temperature fluctuations. This means it won’t expand and contract and you won’t have to worry about peeling and cracking. Fiber cement has a much longer lifetime than wood.

Fiber cement siding could be a great looking, durable and low maintenance choice for your home. Call the knowledgeable and friendly professionals at Vinylume to discuss new siding and any other home improvement projects you are considering.

4 Questions to Ask Your Roofer

For most of us, our home is our most valuable possession; like any other valuable, it requires care and maintenance. When that care involves repairing or replacing your roof there are a few major questions you should ask BEFORE you commit to a roofing contractor.
Is the Roofer Insured? Ask potential roofers if they carry both liability and worker’s compensation insurance.
·        Liability insurance will protect your home from any damage caused by the contractor during the project.
·        Worker’s compensation insurance will protect you if a worker gets injured on your property.
Is the Roofer Licensed? This will give you piece of mind during the project.
·        You’ll know that the work you are paying for meets the state standards in your area.
·        In case of an accident or injury, you can contact your state’s Contractors Board. But this organization can only help homeowners who work with licensed roofers.
Does the Roofer guarantee their work? Read and ask about the roofer’s guarantee.
·        In addition to standard guarantees that manufacturers give with roofing materials, your roofing contractor should offer a separate guarantee for at least a year.
·        This guarantee should be in writing and should include cases of leaks, defective materials and poor workmanship.
Will the Roofer sign a contract for their work? Get everything in writing!
·        Before you hire a roofing company, you should ask to receive a written contract that specifies all details including cost, payment policies, schedule and completion date.
·        The contract should also detail the materials you have selected and clean-up plans during and after your roofing job is finished.
·        How will unexpected occurrences and changes to the project be handled? This provision should also be included in the written contract.
Vinylume has been in the roofing business for the past 60 years. We are fully insured, licensed, offer guarantees and provide customers with comprehensive details about their roofing project before any work begins. Contact Vinylume today to discuss how we can make your roofing project a cost effective, high quality and stress free home improvement experience.

3 Reasons to Replace Your Windows and Doors

No one wants to think about it, but winter will be here to stay before we know it. New windows and doors from Vinylume can save money, make your home more comfortable and enhance its appearance.  
1. Cash in your pocket!
With winter approaching and the economy still in a rut, saving money on heating bills is on every homeowner’s to-do list. If your home has older single pane windows, you’re probably losing heat and letting in cold air, a bad combination in any climate. Double pane Renewal by Andersen Replacement Windows from Vinylume will keep the heat in and the cold out, increasing your home’s energy efficiency and potentially saving you hundreds of dollars every month on your heating bills.
2. Good-bye Drafts!
Saving money is a top priority but feeling comfortable in your home is important too. Feeling a draft near your old window or door is a pretty clear sign that it’s time to think about new windows and doors! 
3. Hello, Gorgeous!
Ever watch HGTV and wonder how a small change can make such a big difference in a room’s appearance? That applies to the exterior of your house as well. A new door and/or replacement windows are like an outside makeover that enormously heightens your home’s curb appeal. You’ll be so proud to drive up your street and see your house looking fresh and new!

Vinylume has a courteous and informative staff waiting to discuss replacement windows and doors for your home. Call or stop by to schedule a free evaluation.
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Why You Need a Roof Maintenance Program

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Taking care of your roof will ensure that your family and your valuables stay safe in a bad weather situation and on a daily basis. In addition to costly repairs and unnecessary stress, a poorly maintained roof can cause 3 basic types of damage: 

  • Loss of Support-what most people would recognize as “sagging: caused by standing snow, puddles and ice. The elements weigh down a roof’s structure and if left untreated, can result in a collapse
  • Flashing-Strong wind can cause the seams and laps of the roofing material to open, exposing your home to the elements. Flashing is the main cause for roof leakage issues.
  • Weather Damage-Roofing materials are designed to withstand the elements, but we all know severe weather can push even the strongest materials to their limits. After a hurricane, tornado or severe snowstorm blows through, it’s important to have your roof inspected for damage you as a homeowner may not be able to see.

Vinylume offers the highest quality roofing products from GAF, along with experienced, highly trained roofing professionals to ensure proper installation. Unsure about your roof’s age or strength? Contact Vinylume for a free evaluation to determine if your roof needs simple maintenance, damage repair or total replacement.

Whatever the diagnosis for your roof, Vinylume’s friendly, efficient customer representatives will work with you to plan and execute your roofing project and help you select roofing materials and a maintenance plan that will make your roof strong, safe and low-maintenance for years to come.  

Vinylume’s professional and friendly staff is waiting to talk to you about your roof or other home improvement projects. Call or stop by today!

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The Top 5 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Siding from Vinylume

Life is filled with tough decisions like where to live? What career to pursue? And not so tough decisions like paper or plastic, decaf or regular?  Choosing a siding product for your home should be an easy decision. Here are just a few reasons why vinyl siding is the best choice for enhancing your home’s appearance, increasing its value and protecting it from the elements.

  1. Cost-vinyl siding is a great value and costs less than other siding products
  2.  Wind resistance-When the weather turns ugly and storms kick-up; you’ll know vinyl siding will stay put. Manufacturers often guarantee that their vinyl siding will withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour.
  3. Installation-vinyl siding is hung on the side of your home to allow the expansion and contraction necessary for our area’s extreme weather conditions.
  4. Rain resistance-with proper installation, moisture won’t get under the siding, making vinyl siding water resistant, even when the rain and snowfall totals reach the extremes we in New England are famous for.
  5. Durability and fade resistance-vinyl siding won’t warp or crack. It retains its color even when exposed to strong sunlight and precipitation. 

Why Vinylume? 
Customers appreciate quality, experience and professionalism that is so important in a home improvement project

  • Top Quality Products
  • Personal Service from estimate to completion
  • Affordability

Let a member of Vinylume’s professional design team guide you through the process so your family can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

  • Enhance your home’s value
  • Improve the exterior appearance of your home

Vinylume’s professional and friendly staff is waiting to talk to you about your vinyl siding or other home improvement projects. Call or stop by today to get the ball rolling!

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How Replacement Windows Will Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Ahhh, fall in New England. Like you, we at Vinylume enjoy the gorgeous fall colors. But as home improvement professionals, we must remind you that winter will be here all too soon. We want to help minimize your heating expenses and maximize your home’s weather efficiency and replacement windows are a great way to do just that. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are the highest quality, most energy efficient you can find.

Andersen created a match made in window heaven by pairing their exclusive composite material, Fibrex, with High Performance Low E4 and Low E4 SmartSun Glass. All of these are exclusive to the Renewal by Andersen line of windows that Vinylume is proud to offer.

Benefits of Fibrex:
· Low maintenance vinyl. No scraping, painting or sealing
· Durability. No rotting, flaking, peeling, cracking or corrosion
· Outstanding insulation. Keeps heat in, cold out
· Weatherproof. Won’t expand or contract
· Beautiful. Available in 22 color combinations
· Décor Customization. Stainable wood interior options include oak, maple and engineered pine
· Environmentally friendly. Contains over 40% reclaimed wood fiber

Why Low E4 Glass?
· Energy Efficient. This can cut your energy bill up to 25% compared to dual pane glass
· Low Maintenance. Protective coating keeps your windows looking cleaner
· Sunscreen for your stuff. Blocks harmful UV rays to prevent furniture fading and fabric damage
· Quiet. External noise is greatly reduced

Why Vinylume?
· Renewal by Andersen trusts Vinylume to install their products
· Personal, friendly staff will work with you to plan your home improvement projects
· Experience. A family business for over 60 years, Vinylume is a proven leader that Connecticut and Westchester County homeowners have come to know and trust.

Contact Vinylume to discuss Renewal by Andersen replacement windows before another pleasant fall fades into a harsh winter.
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