It Wasn’t Easy Being Green…Until Now!


Home construction and remodeling projects can often leave behind waste that is harmful to our environment. Products that are newly manufactured, discarded parts of products, and general debris from construction projects have all taken a toll on the environment over the years. At Vinylume we take pride in the fact that we work with environmentally conscience manufacturers and install “green” products in each project we undertake.

Industry standards have been created to distinguish environmentally friendly products from inefficient ones. When choosing vinyl siding Westchester, look for products that meet LEED and NAHB guidelines for sustainability. It could make all the difference in the world, and for the world.

CertainTeed Sustainability

One of our products that is surprisingly environmentally friendly from start to finish, from conception to installation, is our vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding is one way that we as an industry have begun to cut down our carbon footprint. Manufactured by CertainTeed, our vinyl siding not only reduces the amount of energy your home will use, it is manufactured with as much as 80% post-consumer or recycled materials. Even the factories that the vinyl siding is manufactured in have worked hard to reduce the amount of energy they use and the amount of waste they create.

Vinylume’s expert Westchester and Fairfield vinyl siding crews are factory-trained by CertainTeed in the installation of their products, which is another way that we are reducing our carbon footprint. By being well trained and efficient in the installation of vinyl siding, we reduce the amount of scrap that is left over after our job is done. This means less waste product is created and what is left over can be recycled for future projects. Which makes wrapping your home in CertainTeed siding is one easy way to “Go Green.”

Green-Oriented from Top to Bottom

In addition to siding, Vinylume takes steps to help ensure as many of the materials and products we install in your home are sustainable, recycled/recyclable, and energy efficient. The windows, insulated siding and weather-resistant roofs we install do their part by reducing the amount of energy your home generates, minimizing both their carbon footprint and your monthly energy bills!

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